Watch: The Trailer For U2’s ‘From The Sky Down’ Documentary’

    U2 is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their finest record, Achtung Baby, in a big way next month. On Oct. 31, they’ll release five different reissue packages of the album, including one that will apparently cost $630. It will include six CDs, four DVDs, five vinyl singles, and a shitload of other U2-related stuff only the craziest of fans would want.

    On top of that, they’re also airing director Davis Guggenheim’s documentary, From the Sky Down, on Oct. 29 exclusively on Showtime at 8/9 p.m. CDT. And now, you can get a feel for the film more than a month earlier with the actually kind of interesting trailer. The direction definitely looks pretty damn intriguing, even if we’re still not the biggest U2 fans here at Prefix.

    You can watch the trailer below.