Watch The Trailer For The Dirty Projectors’ Short Film

    Below is the extended trailer for HI CUSTODIAN, the short film written and directed by David Longstreth, starring his Dirty Projectors bandmates, and produced for and YouTube. Pitchfork reports that the film was “inspired by music films like Kanye West’s Runaway and Prince’s Purple Rain,” and focuses on themes of “spiritual death and rebirth.”  Each bandmember plays a different part; Amber Coffman is “a lost and lonely searcher, Longstreth is “y?kai, a shapeshifting undead spirit from Japanese folklore,” Nat Baldwin is a “truck driver” and “a newborn child,” and Coffman and Haley Dekle play “girls from the British Midlands, as well as sister Fates in an unindividuated dyad.” The trailer below is colorful and surreal, featuring snips of music from the band’s upcoming album Swing Lo, Magellan, out July 10th. Check out the trailer below.