Watch The Trailer For ‘Room 237’ To Explore Theories About ‘The Shining’

    Stanley Kubrick is essentially the prototypical obsessive director. He earned a lot of respect in Hollywood by creating successful and iconic movies, but he was also known for his intense personality. Many actors, for example, couldn’t believe how many takes he demanded for the smallest shot or the most insignificant scene. However, it’s undeniable he had a vision for each picture, and it shows on the screen even years after his death. 

    Some people seem to think that his incredible adherence to details and subtext go far beyond what’s apparent in his movies. There are theories about the hidden meaning behind most of his films, but none elicit nearly as much speculation as The Shining. For years, professors and fans have argued that it represents proof the moon landing was faked, is filled with subliminal sexual messages and even comments on the Holocaust. 

    A new documentary called Room 237 (named for the infamous area in the Overlook Hotel that appears in The Shining) is a feature in nine parts that explores each theory and the rationale behind it. According to /Film, it recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and is slated to appear on IFC sometime next year. Check out the trailer below and get ready to judge for yourself whether or not these theories hold any water.