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Watch The Trailer for LCD Soundsystem Documentary, "Shut Up And Play The Hits"

Just as you have finally come to terms with the loss of the great LCD Soundsystem, the late Adam Yauch's Oscilliscope Laboratories announces Shut Up And Play The Hits and reopens the wound. The documentary, which follows the band through its final days, will play in theaterss across the U.S. on Wednesday, July 18. This will be the only day the film plays.

 Tickets go on sale at select theaters beginning June 8, and additional cities and theaters will be announced as the date approaches. Check out the current list of cities and watch the trailer below.  


Shut Up And Play The Hits:

07.18.12 Albany, NY: Spectrum

07.18.12 Albuquerque, NM: Guild

07.18.12 Annapolis, MD: Harbour 9

07.18.12 Asheville, NC: Fine Arts

07.18.12 Atlanta, GA: Landmark Midtown Art

07.18.12 Austin, TX: Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar

07.18.12 Baltimore, MD: Landmark Harbor East

07.18.12 Bellingham, WA: Pickford Cinema

07.18.12 Berkeley, CA: Landmark Shattuck

07.18.12 Boston, MA: Landmark Kendall Square

07.18.12 Boulder, CO: Boulder Theater

07.18.12 Brooklyn, NY: BAM Cinematheque

07.18.12 Brooklyn, NY: reRun

07.18.12 Chicago, IL: Music Box

07.18.12 Cincinnati, OH: Contemporary Arts Center

07.18.12 Claremont, CA: Laemmle Claremont

5 07.18.12 Cleveland, OH: Cedar Lee

07.18.12 Columbia, MO: Ragtag

07.18.12 Dallas, TX: Angelika Film Center

07.18.12 Dennis, MA: Cape Cinema

07.18.12 Denver, CO: Landmark Mayan

07.18.12 Detroit, MI: Main Art

07.18.12 Duluth, MN: Zinema

07.18.12 Eugene, OR: Bijou Art Cinemas

07.18.12 Ft. Collins, CO: Lyric

07.18.12 Greensboro, NC: Lyndon Street Artworks

07.18.12 Hartford, CT: City Cinema @ Palace

07.18.12 Honolulu, HI: Kahala 8

07.18.12 Houston, TX: Landmark River Oaks

07.18.12 Huntington, NY: Cinema Arts Center

07.18.12 Indianapolis, IN: Landmark Keystone Art

07.18.12 Iowa City, IA: Bijou

07.18.12 Ithaca, NY: Cinemapolis

07.18.12 Jacksonville, FL: Sun-Ray Cinemas

07.18.12 Lincoln, NE: Mary Riepma Ross Film Center

07.18.12 Little Rock, AR: Market Street

07.18.12 Los Angeles, CA: ArcLight Hollywood

07.18.12 Miami, FL: Tower Cinema

07.18.12 Milwaukee, WI: Landmark Downer

07.18.12 Minneapolis, MN: Landmark Lagoon

07.18.12 Nashville, TN: Belcourt

07.18.12 New Haven, CT: Criterion

07.18.12 New York, NY: Landmark Sunshine

07.18.12 Omaha, NE: Film Streams

07.18.12 Orlando, FL: Enzian

07.18.12 Palo Alto, CA: Landmark Aquarius

07.18.12 Pasadena, CA: Laemmle Playhouse

07.18.12 Phoenix, AZ: Harkins Valley Art

07.18.12 Plano, TX: Angelika Film Center

07.18.12 Portland, ME: Space Gallery

07.18.12 Portland, OR: Hollywood

07.18.12 Providence, RI: Cable Car

07.18.12 Reston, VA: Reston Town Center 13

07.18.12 Richmond, VA: Movieland @ Blvd. Square

07.18.12 Rochester, NY: The Little

07.18.12 Salt Lake City, UT: Tower Theatre

07.18.12 San Diego, CA: Landmark Hillcrest

07.18.12 San Francisco, CA: Landmark Embarcadero

07.18.12 San Francisco, CA: Balboa

07.18.12 Santa Fe, NM: CCA

07.18.12 Schenectady, NY: Movieland 6

07.18.12 Seattle, WA: Cinerama

07.18.12 Spokane, WA: Magic Lantern

07.18.12 Springfield, CO: Moxie

07.18.12 St. Louis, MO: Landmark Tivoli

07.18.12 Stamford, CT: Majestic 6

07.18.12 Tucson, AZ: The Loft

07.18.12 Tulsa, OK: Circle

07.18.12 Washington, DC: Landmark E-Street

07.18.12 Winston-Salem, NC: Aperture

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