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Watch The Trailer For John Lennon Biopic, 'Nowhere Boy'



The trailer for Nowhere Boy, the biopic that might as well be subtitled "John Lennon: The Teenage Years," is now streaming directly to your above region. Aaron Johnson plays Lennon, and along with playing Kick-Ass, dude is really cornering the market on playing teen heroes in indie-esque films. The whole "Because he was saving you for John Lennon" thing seems a bit on the nose, but maybe this will be a nuanced look at Lennon's early life as an orphan who lived with his aunt. Who the hell am I trying to kid, this is going to be the worst. 


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This trailer makes it sound like everyone called him by his whole name when he was a boy. "You're going nowhere, John Lennon." "We're expelling you from school, John Lennon."

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