Watch: The Trailer For ‘In Our Nature’ Starring Mad Men’s John Slattery (Video)

    John Slattery is an underused talent. Sure, he’s shined in Mad Men, and he’s even nabbed some Emmy nominations to boot. However, he’s usually relegated to supporting roles with which he steals every scene he’s in. This was the case during his guest appearance on 30 Rock as a nutty Rhode Island presidential candidate named Steven Austin. It was also true of Iron Man 2, in which he portrayed Robert Downey Jr.’s deceased father, Howard Stark, in archival footage. 

    This may change with the release of In Our Nature, a new independent comedy that’s expected to garner a lot of attention. It features Slattery as the estranged father of main character Zach Gilford. The two accidentally run into each other at an upstate New York cabin while trying to vacation with their girlfriends (Gabrielle Union and Jena Malone) and have to share the space after not having spoken in years. Check out the trailer below (via IndieWire) and enjoy the calm before the coming storm of Slattery popularity.