Watch The Trailer For The Beastie Boys’ ‘Fight For Your Right Revisited’

    We were already in full excitement mode for the Beastie Boys’ forthcoming Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2 thanks to the leaking of its latest single, “Make Some Noise.” But now, we’re having a lot more trouble hiding our idiotic grinning as the trailer has been revealed for the group’s Fight For Your Right Revisited short film, which will actually serve as the video for the aforementioned single.


    We get a glimpse of the star-studded cast, which includes just about everyone from Orlando Bloom to Amy Poehler to Steve Buscemi. And you also get to see what is apparently a battle between two groups of “real” Beastie Boys. It’s Jack Black, Will Ferrell, and John C. Reilly versus Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood and Danny McBride. Who wins? We all do.


    You can now pre-order Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2 on the Beasties’ website. The album drops May 3. [Hypetrak]



    Here’s the full video for “Fight For Your Right Revisited”