Watch The Trailer For Devo Documentary ‘Are We Not Men?’

    Not all Kickstarter projects are created equal, and this one might be worth a couple of your crumpled dollars. Are We Not Men? is a documentary about Devo, the post punk/New Wave band that has redefined the word ‘weird’ for the past 40 years, and the Tony Pemberton-directed film looks like it’s going to be a winner from the trailer alone.

    The authorized documentary covers Devo’s Vietnam War origins (the Kent State massacre partially inspired the band’s inception), their ’80s heyday and up through to the present day – yeah, they’re still wearing the red plastic hats in 2012. Contemporaries like Iggy Pop and acolytes like Dave Grohl weigh in on Devo’s importance, as do the band members themselves. The trailer features early footage of lead singer Mark Mothersbaugh explaining the band’s nemeses: “The ninnies and the twits are all the people that are making decisions based on stupidity and assholism.” Expect thoughtful consideration of musical elitism and the high/low culture divide, as well as some sweet Devo tunes.  Watch the trailer below, and donate to the film’s Kickstarter here. [TwentyFourBit]