Watch: The Simpsons’ Mr. Burns Endorses Mitt Romney

    Celebrity endorsements can mean a lot to a candidate, but sometimes they’re just downright strange. For instance, you may have heard that singer Meat Loaf endorsed Mitt Romney, and you’re surely aware that creator of the TV series Girls supports President Obama

    However, fictional endorsements are a different animal entirely. Usually they’re done for satirical purposes, which is certainly the case with the latest vote of confidence from a television character. 

    Watch below as Mr. Burns, the octogenarian billionaire and cold-hearted industrialist from The Simpsons, gives a rousing endorsement of Mitt Romney. The best part? He tries to downplay the story about the Romneys putting a dog on the roof of their car before driving across the country. Of course, he does so by rigging the game and giving the dog the choice between “Meat” Romney and “Broccoli” Obama, which doesn’t exactly seem fair.