Watch ‘The Simpsons’ Intro Mock Karl Rove (Video)

    There were a lot of wacky media storylines on Election Day. One involved allegations that Diane Sawyer was drunk on the air. Another was Brian Williams’ smirking references to marijuana legalization. However, the funniest (depending on you political orientation) may have centered on Karl Rove. 

    The former Bush strategist and Fox News commentator was analyzing the voting results when many networks (Fox included) called the election for President Obama. Rove, an ardent Republican and Mitt Romney supporter, began questioning the results. He even went so far as to decide that Fox’s call was premature before sending anchor Megyn Kelly down the hall to find the number crunchers to make sure that President Obama had indeed won a second term. 

    The chalkboard featured prominently on the intro for The Simpsons often includes some of the program’s best jokes, and this past Sunday’s was no different. Watch below (via Vulture) how the writers razzed Karl Rove for his reluctance to actually concede defeat.