Watch ‘True Skin,’ The Short Film That’s Piquing Hollywood’s Interest

    Generally, beyond the festival circuit and minimal online notice, the short film medium doesn’t attract the attention that it truly deserves. There are countless shorts worthy of being picked up for full-length consideration but one recent short certainly seems to have Hollywood raising their eyebrows.

    True Skin is a 6-minute sci-fi short film from director Stephan Zlotescu and between its impressive futuristic themes, stylish effects and editing, it quickly gained a large interest and following within only the first week of being posted online.

    Zlotescu’s manager says, “Industry response has been insane. Within hours of release, we were receiving calls from major studios and financiers.” He went on to say that they’re in “active negotiations.”

    Zlotescu and his people believe that the short has the potential to be adapted into a full-length feature film, but is True Skin really worthy of all this Hollywood hype? Is it better than similarly stylistic short films like Grounded and Sight? Watch below and decide for yourself.