Watch The Scene That Could Have Lightened Up ‘In The Mood For Love’

    When it comes to unrequited love and subdued passion, few films come close to showing these emotions as honestly as In the Mood for Love does. Wong-Kar Wai’s 2000 movie is a fantastic exploration of a burgeoning romantic relationship between a couple whose spouses are cheating on them with one another in 1960’s Hong Kong. 

    One of the biggest strengths of In the Mood for Love is that it doesn’t cheapen the relationship between main characters Chow (Tony Leung) and Su (Maggie Cheung) by making it a speedy affair. Instead, it forms over the course of a slow burn, mimicking the affection two people feel for each other even when they’re trying not to. 

    Wong Kar-Wai deserves a lot of credit for the restraint he showed when making the movie. In the clip below (via IndieWire), we see that there was actually a bit more levity in the movie’s original cut. Check for yourself if it sticks out like a sore thumb, and if you haven’t seen In the Mood for Love, do yourself a favor and find a copy.