Watch The Mynabirds Cover Wilco’s “Jesus, Etc.”

    WNRN is the public radio station based out of Charlottesville, Virginia, and they have a recurring music feature charmingly-dubbed Operation Cover Band wherein they invite bands to come in and pick a cover to tackle from a pre-approved list (a la A.V. Club’s Undercover series). For this installment, brash folk-rockers the Mynabirds–who have a protest record out called Generals–swung by and chose “Jesus, Etc.” by fellow folk-rockers Wilco.

    In the clip, lead Mynabird Laura Burhenn decides to go it alone and reinterpret the song as a ghostly electric piano ballad. Of course, the original Yankee Hotel Foxtrot cut is pretty somber to begin with, but Burhenn pulls out even more pathos. She even gives an interesting explanation as to why she chose it, saying the song “sounds like a voice from the future trying to comfort the past.” Check it out below. [A Heart Is A Spade]