Watch ‘The Jon Brion Show’ Pilot, Directed By PT Anderson And Featuring Elliott Smith (Video)

    Paul Thomas Anderson’s right hand music man, Jon Brion, may be well-respected as a film composer and producer, but in the late-90s/early-00s, he was part of a much cooler crowd (as we all were). Anderson recently posted to his YouTube channel, the pilot episode of an ill-fated musical variety show called “The Jon Brion Show,” an idea conceived and initially managed by Brion; but with the help of the Master-ful (rimshot) director, the show got a new look–including a more intimate setting with Oriental rugs and Christmas tree lights (that’s a thing)–but still no network support.

    Though the series was never picked up, Anderson and Brion shot enough material for about three episodes. Famous guests included Elliott Smith, Fiona Apple, Brad Mehldau, and even Bette Midler (full story at Cigarettes & Red Vines).

    Watch the never-aired pilot episode of “The Jon Brion Show” below.