Watch The International Trailer For ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ For More Video Game Goodness

    Video game movies are historically awful. It would be nice to imagine that there are a couple good ones out there, but by and large, they’re terrible. Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and other adaptations fall flat and miss the point of the games they’re based on, and even something passable like Resident Evil probably could have been a movie in its own right without any references to the game itself. 

    But films about video games themselves fare a little bit better. There’s Tron, WarGames, The Wizard, and even documentaries like The King of Kong. That’s why something like Wreck-It Ralph gives gamers hope. Plus, there are actual video game characters in it!

    Besides nostalgia, Wreck-It Ralph will provide a great cast. The titular character, a typical bad guy who wants to be good, is voiced by the always-awesome John C. Reilly. Rounding out the cast are Jane Lynch, Jack McBrayer and Sarah Silverman. Check out the newly released international trailer below (via Film School Rejects) for some unseen footage of Ralph’s journey through some video games he doesn’t normally appear in.