Watch The Hipster Disney Princesses Dance Around New York

    Hipsters are one of the easiest groups to stereotype these days — especially when it comes to girls. When you spot a woman with chunky glasses, tight pants, old sneakers, huge headphones, an asymmetrical haircut and some kind of vintage bag, a hipster is in your midst. But do Disney princesses fall into that category as well?

    Think about it. Despite the fact that they’re all royalty, most of the princesses in Disney films are plucky, independent girls with quirky interests and a fixation on something no one else seems to care about. Ariel is obsessed with the surface world, much like hipster girls care about vinyl records. And don’t get started on Cinderella — she makes her own clothes and only wears used shoes. 

    AVbyte, via Vulture, has come up with an excellent fusion of these two groups of spunky girls. Check out the video and see how to be a hipster Disney princess just like you’ve always wanted.