Watch: The Flaming Lips, Nels Cline Cover The Beatles

    If you’ve noticed, The Flaming Lips have been recording with an odd group of artists lately. First it was Ke$ha, and then Bon Iver and Erykah Badu. Now, how about covering The Beatles live with Wilco’s art-guitarist Nels Cline? Are The Lips’ recent collaborations officially weird/great yet? In this video, you’ll see Cline and the Oklahoma City band play The Beatles’ Abbey Road cut, “I Want You (She’s So Heavy).” The song, originally under eight minutes, is more than doubled here, and it’s pretty on point. Cline is a monster, Wayne Coyne’s screaming is right on target and everyone else appears to be at the top of their games. Also helps that the audio and video are in very good shape, too. Check out the guy’s face at the 13-minute mark, and watch the performance below. [CoS]