Watch: The Flaming Lips Live Streaming World Record Attempt

    The Flaming Lips are currently undertaking an audacious (and, frankly, unhinged) world record attempt. The band is trying to play the most concerts in multiple cities over a 24-hour period, ultimately hoping to play eight shows in Memphis, Clarksdale, Oxford, Jackson, Hattiesburg, Biloxi, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans. Jay-Z currently holds this particular record. 

    The O Music Awards website has comprehensive live video of the attempt, with three different streams following the Lips and the artists they are playing with along the way. You can even see how the O Music team is editing this thing as it progresses—and we’re assuming there will be a few tired eyes in there toward the end.

    Head over here to check it out, and for further explanation watch the video that previewed the world record attempt below.