Watch The First Episode Of Hip-Hop Squares

    The first episode of Hip-Hop Squares was on MTV last night, and it was as disastrous as you would expect. You can go below to watch it, but further below is a breakdown of the 15 major problems with the first episode:


    1. For a show allegedly featuring rappers, what the hell are Childish Gambino, Machine Gun Kelly, and Mac Miller doing here?

    2. The awkward silences when everyone realizes how terrible it is that they are doing this.

    3. Machine Gun Kelly

    4. DJ Khaled’s beard.

    5. Everything.

    6. The “jokes”

    7. Machine Gun Kelly

    8. The fact that this exists.

    9. The fact that Ghostface Killah had to be on here, and had to do a bit with Mac Miller. But he totally made fun of Childish Gambino, so that was cool. Also, when he got mad at the girl for disagreeing with him.

    10. Machine Gun Kelly

    11.   The jokes.

    12. “The G Spot”

    13. The fact that the prizes are like $500.

    14. The fact that someone came up with this idea, told their boss, and their boss was like, “That’s a good idea.” And then someone else said, “Yes, let’s do it! That seems like a great idea!” And then someone approached rappers, and the rappers said, “Yes, this seems like a great idea!” And then it got made, and put on MTV2. 

    15. Machine Gun Kelly