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Watch: The Extended Promo Video Of Tyler, The Creator As Thurnis Haley

Thurnis Haley loves golf, you know? He loves it so much in fact that if you steal his balls, he'll fuck you up just to get them back. So take a note, y'all: Don't steal this 53-year-old dude's ball. On a serious note, though, we're less than two weeks away from the release of Thurnis'...err, Tyler, the Creator's Goblin. And I'm starting to wonder if these promotional videos he shot for the album will start showing up elsewhere on a bigger scale. I mean, this one obviously can't because of the profane language. But I'm definitely curious to know if anyone has seen the shorter version on mtvU or the like.


Goblin drops May 10 on XL Recordings.


[Rap Radar]

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