Watch The Daily Show Return After Hurricane Sandy

    A lot of New York shows were able to weather the wind and flooding that came with Hurricane Sandy, but others weren’t so lucky. That’s why The Daily Show didn’t air on Monday or Tuesday. The program has a history of quickly addressing national tragedies, such as when Jon Stewart gave an impassioned speech about 9/11 immediately afterwards. Sandy also calls to mind the speedy coverage the show gave to Hurricane Katrina seven years ago. 

    Last night was no different, as Stewart and his crew were on top of what is a very local and pressing story for them in a segment called “A Tribute To Institutional Competence.” Watch below (via The Hollywood Reporter) to see Stewart laud NYC mayor Michael Blo0mberg, and pay attention to the pride that’s evident as Stewart congratulates his home state of New Jersey’s governor, Chris Christie, for putting partisan politics aside in the face of a disaster. 

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    A Daily Show Tribute to Institutional Competence
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