Watch The Claire Danes Cry Face Supercut, Then Wring Yourself Out

    It’s funny when someone compiles every scene where an actor makes the same face because we think “haha, that person is a horrible actor,” but maybe that person is just really good at being a person. Claire Danes is really good at being a person who cries. Girlfriend cries like she saw her grandma get punched in the face by a basket of dead puppies. Of course, all of her cries look the same, a quality that could be attributed to the fact that she’s physically incapable of re-arranging her face.

    So over at Pinterest, one enthusiastic pinner started the Claire Danes Cry Face Project, which inspired the Claire Danes Cry Face Supercut–a YouTube anthology of Danes’ best cry faces, from the My So-Called Life years to her current Emmy-winning hit Homeland. Watch the waterworks below.