Watch: The Bruce Willis Supercut Of Destruction

    Bruce Willis is a fine actor with some great roles under his belt. He’s gotten acclaim for movies like The Sixth Sense and Twelve Monkeys, but unfortunately, he’s never won an Oscar. In fact, he’s never even been nominated for one. This might seem like a slap in the face to one of the biggest box office draws in the world, but it makes sense. 

    After all — if you’re seeing a Bruce Willis movie, you probably just want to watch things blow up. 

    People who aren’t interested in sitting through expository dialog and boring conversations just want to get to the meat of the story. Thankfully, the folks at Slacktory have come up with a great way to do so. Check out the supercut of Bruce Willis’ best moments of property damage, destruction and annihilation below (via Vulture). You’ll soon realize that more than anything else, Willis is simply an avatar for the audience to see some of the best explosions in all of cinema.