Watch The Beach Boys’ Grammy Performance With Maroon 5 & Foster The People (Video)

    Well, it’s now official: The Beach Boys are back. They performed for the first time together in, what, 20 years? Damn. Too bad they had to have opening acts in Maroon 5 and Foster The People, who both “honored” Brian Wilson and company. OK, not to be overly harsh, but Maroon 5 wouldn’t have been invited if it wasn’t for The Voice, right? Yawn. They tackled “Surfer Girl” while Foster The People performed “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.”

    They kind of proved their vocal chops aren’t even close to those of the Beach Boys, who FINALLY appeared onstage much to the joy of Ryan Seacrest. They performed “Good Vibrations” and completely showed those younger cats how its done. Oh wait, some of those younger cats joined the Beach Boys and, yeah, we probably could have done without that. Check out the performance below and peep our live blog here. [MWP]