Watch: The Ataris’ Singer Kris Roe Has Breakdown On Stage, Calls Performance “Fucking Embarrassing”

    First of all, did you know that The Ataris were still a band and touring? Because we sure didn’t! From the looks of this video of the band playing in New Jersey this weekend, singer Kris Roe may think they’re close to being done as well. The clip features the pop-punk group playing one of its more popular songs, “Your Boyfriend Sucks,” and from the footage, it was a pretty sloppy performance. But most people would just ignore it and move on. The kids in the audience are probably too drunk to notice, so just pretend like it never happened, right?

    Wrong. Near the end of the track (4:45 to be exact), Roe throws his guitar into the drumkit and proceeds to kick it and throw the high hat before calling out the drummer.

    “Our drummer’s fuckin’ failing tonight. I don’t know what his fucking problem is but I’m gonna finish the set by myself,” he whined, expressing that everyone has bad shows but that this was “fucking embarrassing” and that he “can’t handle it.” And then he threw the bass drum. It was really awkward.

    Watch Kris Roe throw a temper tantrum below.