Watch ‘The Arrow’ In Action In This Comic Con Reel

    The superhero mania that’s overtaken popular culture in the past few years doesn’t show any signs of letting up. Perhaps the most important reason for this is because these characters are profitable. In 2012 alone we saw The Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises each top the box office. 

    However, it’s also worth pointing out that comic book heroes represent an almost unlimited resource of inspiration for movies, TV shows and video games. Comic books have been around for around 80 years in their current forms, and with all the issues, variants and crossovers that have appeared in the pages of Marvel and DC, writers and directors won’t run out of characters any time soon. 

    That’s one reason behind the appearance of The Arrow on The CW this fall. The Green Arrow has fallen on hard times in the past few decades, but he was once one of DC Comics’ most prominent heroes. He even managed to stay relevant in the 1970s by taking a counter-cultural stand and fighting for the downtrodden. However, the 2012 version is quite different — which is probably a good thing. Watch this reel of the program from New York Comic Con below (via Vulture) and judge for yourself whether the latest incarnation of Oliver Queen is worth it.