Watch: Sun Kil Moon And The Roots Classy Up ‘Fallon’

    Befitting its late-night time slot, Fallon opted to slow things down last night with musical guest Sun Kil Moon. For those unfamiliar with Mark Kozelek’s various projects, his voice is barely above a mumbling whisper most of the time, but if you pay attention, he’s one of the best lyricists around.

    Kozelek is touring in support of this year’s Among The Leaves, and he made his television debut on Fallon with the Roots as his backing band. They stayed nimble and simple, letting Kozelek do his Sun Kil Moon thing with a nylon-string guitar and two songs: “The Moderately Talented Young Woman” and “Mistress” as a web exclusive. Suffice to say, there wasn’t much dancing in the crowd behind the musicians, but gentle swaying is nice in its own way, too. Watch both performances below.