Watch Sumner And Marr Relive Electronic Days (Video)

    While a peaceable reuniting of the Korean peninsula seems more likely than Morrissey and Marr, or indeed Hooky and Sumner, ever getting back together again, a crowd at the Live From Jodrell Bank event on the outskirts of Manchester, England, was treated Sunday night to a reunion of early ‘90s supergroup Electronic. Towards the end of Johnny Marr’s solo set, New Order vocalist, Bernard Sumner, joined the guitarist on stage to play “Getting Away With It”, one of the stand out tracks from Electronic’s 1991 self-titled debut. Though without original band members Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe (of Pet Shop Boys fame), seeing Marr and Sumner play on stage together again was a welcome surprise for many, considering the absence of any new material from Electronic in the last decade or so.

    Following Marr, events curators New Order headlined the event at the Manchester Observatory, with visuals of the band projected onto a 76 meter-long telescope. Nostalgia was certainly in the air as the Mancunian legends blew through a storming career spanning set. Both acts had one foot in the past with an eye to the future, as Marr effortlessly combined Smiths’ classics with his new solo material, and New Order went as far back as their Joy Division days, before closing with a promise to the crowd that their next album is “going to be the next Sgt. Peppers.” Check out the clip below.