Watch Stephen Colbert Sulk About President Obama’s Reelection

    Stephen Colbert is the master of satire. The “conservative” host of The Colbert Report threw a fit after President Barack Obama won the election, and on last night’s show, it looked like he’d gone off the deep end.

    Wearing a red robe and backward baseball cap, Colbert began the show face down on his desk before drowning his sorrows with Smartfood white cheddar popcorn. “What are you people doin’ here?” he asked. “Shouldn’t you be out celebrating?! Because evidentally you don’t listen to anything I say!” Cue white cheddar popcorn flying through the air. 

    “I’ve been bringing you the truth, hot and hard now for seven years, and how do you repay me? Four more years of hope and change! What do you think, I do this night after night for your amusement? I do it for America!” 

    After a commercial break, Colbert sits at his desk in his standard suit after being reminded he also does his show to fulfill his contract.

    Watch Colbert’s hilarious pout fit below.

    The Colbert Report
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