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Watch St. Vincent Play New Song "Krokodil" At Coachella, Crowd Surf

St. Vincent took the stage last night at Coachella for a solid, 45-minute set that included a new song! The track titled "Krokodil" is a punk-tinged effort that will be released on Record Store Day next week. During the track, Clark let loose her inner grunge self, something she's been known to do on the occasion, and crowd surfed for almost the entirety of the track.  Watching Clark roll around on a sea of hands, fist pumping and screaming  numerous "fucks" might be the best thing we've seen out of Coachella, yet. Watch it at 37:40.

Be sure to check out the rest of the performance in it's entirety as well. Clark was on her A-game as usual and drew a serious crowd despite playing at the same time as Jeff Magnum and The Shins. That's right. Annie Clark might possibly be more popular than both those indie-rock staples. [BeatsPerMinute]

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St. Vincent

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