Watch Soundgarden Dust Off Old Hits On ‘Letterman’ (Video)

    Soundgarden return today with the release of King Animal, the grunge band’s first album in a decade and a half. Last night, they took to the soundstage of Late Show With David Letterman and ripped through their current single “Been Away Too Long.”

    But things got really interesting after the broadcast. Soundgarden stuck around to play a full hour-long set for Letterman’s new-ish web series “Live On Letterman.” While they dutifully trotted out a number of King Animal cuts, they also treated fans to old, old songs. “Fell On Black Days” from Superunknown was a big crowd-pleaser, and the band even dusted off a pair of cuts from their 1988 SST debut Ultramega OK. Watch both performances below, and try not to feel ultramega old.