Watch Snoop Lion’s Hot Pockets Remix Of “Drop It Like It’s Hot”

    Snoop Lion (the artist formerly known as Dogg) just reworked his hit “Drop It Like It’s Hot” in order to pay tribute to one of the ultimate munchie snacks: Hot Pockets. In the new three-minute video for “Pocket Like It’s Hot,” Snoop Lion waxes poetic about his Pocket-eating habit (“I got the pockets in my arms/Settin’ off smoke alarms/And I eat ’em smokin’ hot/’Cause I got it goin’ on”), spins around on a three-wheeled bicycle with a microwave hooked up to the back, and lets Andy Milonakis make a cameo. Altogether this might be the most obvious—and awesome—case of product endorsement we’ve ever seen. Heat up those pockets, Snoop Lion. []