Watch Shaq Dress Like Prince And Sing “When The Doves Cry” On “Live With Kelly And Michael”

    Oh Shaq, you nver cease to amaze me with your shamelessness, and I thank you for that. Today, the behemoth NBA star-turned-announcer made an appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael and competed in a karaoke “sing-off” with Miss Kelly Ripa herself.  

    The video begins with what seems to be Kelly and Michael talking about Shaq running off the stage, but all of a sudden he appears, decked out in Prince garb (purple silk pants, ruffled white, silk blouse and even a long, curly wig). “I’m just going to throw in the towel now,” Kelly says upon first look, as Shaq flutters across the stage and “When Doves Cry,” begins to play. He proceeds to sing the first verse, dance with a lady in the audience, and flop on the floor trying to be all sexy (but failing). It’s pretty glorious.

    Watch Shaq sing “When Doves Cry” below.