Watch Shaq Call Out Dwight Howard During A Freestyle Verse

    While hanging out with battle rapper Loaded Lux and Cory Gunz, Shaq reminded everyone that he, too, had a hip-hop career (though it might be best forgotten). The former basketball star showed YouTube that he’s still got it by dropping a heated freestyle verse that calls out Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Dwight Howard. Check out the verse:

    Mess around with these, you get devoured.

    We’re sending yo mama the limo and the flowers.

    What I look like, I ain’t even got no car.

    Don’t you ever call me Chamberlain,

    Don’t you ever call me Jabbar.

    Like I said before, you will get devoured.

    But don’t you ever call me…Dwight Howard.

    Ask that boy LeBron.

    Who the hell is the real Supermon?

    I let me rings do the talking.

    And as you see, these talk quite often.

    Who the best of the best?

    I was born with the S.


    It’s Shaq’s intensity that really got us goin’ with this one. Watch the full freestyle below.