Watch Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Psycho’-Themed Oscars Promo (Video)

    Seth MacFarlane got himself a pretty good gig hosting this year’s Oscar ceremonies; the Ted director may not live to see one of his projects nominated for Best Picture, but at least he can revel in the fact that he made a movie about a horny, foul-mouthed teddy bear and it did really well at the box office. So well, in fact, that he somehow convinced the stodgy Academy to take a calculated risk by asking him to play host for the evening (last time they veered away from convention they got James Franco; fortunately Billy Crystal is on speed-dial, code name: The Cleaner).

    Thus far, MacFarlane’s kept his shtick to a minimum–only one Hitler joke to date–but it’s hard to shake the feeling that he’s just warming up. All will be revealed on Feb. 24; for now, watch MacFarlane’s 30-second Oscar promo, featuring the infamous shower scene from Psycho, with a little kinky twist (ABC-approved kink, of course).