Watch: Serengeti’s Wacky, Shaq-Dissing “Shazam” Video

    Chicago MC Serengeti already had us rolling when he dropped the first leak from his upcoming Kenny Dennis EP, “Shazam,” that finds him dissing Shaquille O’Neal as his disgruntled 40-something alter-ego. But the humor found within the track and its complete zaniness was nothing compared to its visual element, which was just released.

    While Serengeti, err, I mean, Dennis shits all over Shaq and his acting career in a Fu-Schnicken-esque inflection, you watch as the Chi-town spitter wyles the fuck out in various locales. There’s also some pretty great photoshopped Shaq heads floating around and, of course, lazers. You can watch the clip below. The EP drops April 3 on Anticon. [TBJ]