Watch: Sean Penn Is A Nazi-Hunting Goth In The ‘This Must Be The Place’ Trailer

    Trailers are supposed to a) get people excited for an upcoming movie, and b) hint at what the movie will be about. If the trailer for This Must Be The Place can be taken at face value, it’s a comedy-drama about a Robert Smith look-a-like former rock star with a dying father whose life’s goal is to find and kill the Nazi who imprisoned him at Auschwitz. The marble-mouthed goth rock star then takes on his father’s mission and sort of flirts with Frances McDormand along the way. Oh, and this is all set to a soundtrack of songs from Iggy Pop, Will Oldham and Talking Heads. Now, are you excited for it? And does this movie make any sense? Watch the trailer. Yeah, just watch the trailer. This Must Be The Place opens October 14.