Watch: RZA Decodes “Unspoken Word” And “Protect Ya Neck”

    Jay-Z’s Life+Times sat down with RZA to have him decipher lines from “Unspoken Word” off his Bobby Digital debut album and “Protect Ya Neck” from Wu-Tang’s Enter the 36 Chambers. As the leader of the Wu states a few times in the video, a lot of the lyrics are just “common sense.”


    RZA’s verse from “Protect Ya Neck”:

    You chill with the feedback black we don’t need that

    It’s ten o’clock hoe, where the ****’s your seed at?

    Feeling mad hostile, ran the apostle

    Flowing like Christ when I speaks the gospel

    Stroll with the holy roll then attack the globe with the buckus style

    the ruckus, ten times ten men committing mad sin

    Turn the other cheek and I’ll break your fucking chin

    Slaying boom-bangs like African drums (we’ll be)

    Coming around the mountain when I come

    Crazy flamboyant for the rap enjoyment

    My clan increase like black unemployment

    Yeah, another one dare,

    Tuh-took a genius (to) take us the **** outta here