Watch Russell Simmons Talk About The State Of Hip Hop

    One of hip-hop’s pioneers, Russell Simmons, stopped by The Arsenio Hall Show last night to talk about many things, including the genre itself. During the interview a few topics came up, including Kid Cudi’s comments about the state of hip-hop, as well as Kanye West’s fashion career. 

    Hall asked Simmons what he thought of Cudi being disappointed in the direction that hip-hop was going, to which Simmons responded: “poets, their job is to tell you what people are thinking. Some of it is disturbing, but it’s been our reality.” He ended with saying, “I’m not at all disturbed by where they’re going, in fact I’m actually proud of what hip-hop has become.”

    Along with discussing the genre as a whole, the Hall and Simmons also talked about Kanye West, with Simmons declaring: “Kanye is brilliant.” You can watch both clips below, as well as one where Simmons talks about meditation.