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Watch: Roach Gigz (feat. Kreayshawn)- "Pu$$y Magnet" (Video)

"They say 'put him on the fridge/he's a pu$$y magnet'"

Move over, Miley…here’s the next great twerking-heavy video of the summer, and in this one the dance makes sense with the music! It’s based around Roach Gigz in a Beatles tee talking about  how hard it can be to be both a businessman and a “pu$$y magnet,” when he's not presenting anecdotal evidence like he's Lou Bega. Kreayshawn chants the arresting hook while chilling in the pool below him. The song itself is a classic Bay/DJ Mustard-esque banger, and Roach’s verses are typically clever. Like “Vertigo” before it, “Pu$$y Magnet,” in all its ignorance, heightens expectations for the rapper's upcoming Roachy Balboa III tape, due out July 25th. Watch below and enjoy yourself:

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Roach Gigz

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