Watch Rihanna, And Her Fans, In New Budwiser-Sponsored Documentary

    We can all get behind a little dumb-happiness from time to time, but let’s pretend that we all took Intro to Modern Media in high school and are clever enough to know that the products of mega-corporations and glamorous pop-stars, no matter how, like, really nice they are to their fans, should not affect our personal lives.

    Rihanna has joined with Budweiser for a mini-documentary called “Half Of Me.” The eleven-minute film features interviews with fans who cite her as the catalyst for their corny, whimsical dreams to be true to themselves, persevere, and be happy. One fan explains, “…[Rihanna] doesn’t want to do things for other people, she wants to do things for herself.”

    Right. The tone turns crushingly ironic in the next scene with Rihanna strutting around with a Budweiser (i.e. critical product-placement shot). Just be discerning, kids. All the self-esteem hype is hard to get behind when the mouthpiece is a world famous pop star (though, admittedly, one of the better ones) and crappy corporate beer.