Watch Retro-Chic Video for Glass Candy’s “The Possessed” + Download the Track for Free

    Perhaps, Glass Candy is poking a little fun of their city of residence in the video for “The Possessed”. Flashes of mod-esque, vintage-chic imageries collaged and presented in 8mm format, further perpetuating Portland as some romanticized haven for the young and the trendy (the best substitute I could come up with at this moment for that forbidden “H” word). Or maybe that’s just a projection of how I think the world outside perceives my Portland, oblivious to the possibility that the imageries could have been collected from somehwere else…

    Moving on from speculations, multi-instrumentalist/producer Johnny Jewel, and the cool seductive songstress, Ida No, once again collaborated with filmmaker Alberto Rossini for the video. The 6:05 motion snapshots caps off with a treat for all you feline-philes.

    “The Possessed” is part of forthcoming Italians Do It Better compilation, After Dark 2. And you can download the track for free over at Soundcloud.