Watch Rare Soundcheck Footage Of Slum Village

    I don’t where this came from, who filmed it, or why it’s just hitting the web now, but goddamnit this is pretty much just awesome. Some YouTube user named soulasismusic uploaded this extremely rare pre-show, soundcheck footage of Slum Village that, I’m guessing, is from between 1999 and 2001*. I’m assuming that only because that’s when J Dilla and Baatin, who have since passed away, were core members of the group. Either way, you get to see some great footage of the fact that Dilla was using MPCs and not turntables to play his beats during the show. Doing that allowed him to improvise and not just rely on the beats he already crafted in the studio, which kind of adds a certain jazz element to it all. Enjoy, rap nerds!


    *Someone want to clarify this for me?