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Watch: Raekwon Talks The Movie 'Cream,' Rick Ross & More On NBC Nitecap

Raekwon is the latest hip-hop act to sit down for an interview with NBC NiteCap's Peter Bailey, who caught up with the Chef during a tour stop in Miami. What ensues is one of the better interviews we've seen with Rae, if only because he's able to speak on a number of topics. From his respect for Drake to his thoughts on Rick Ross to his upcoming movie Cream, it's pretty much all here. If I have one gripe -- and it's kind of a foolish one -- I wish that Bailey could have gotten Ghostface Killah to sit in on the interview, too. Rae and Ghost doing a joint interview would probably be comedic gold and could lead to some interesting discussions on hip-hop as a whole and what they're working on.

You can watch all four parts of the interview below.

[Nah Right]

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