Watch: Radiohead’s Entire Coachella Set

    There was some doubt as to whether Radiohead’s Coachella performance would be webcast. But the show ultimately did get broadcast, and naturally YouTube was awash with uploads mere nanoseconds after it ended. You can stream the band’s entire set from the festival below, which features plenty of Thom Yorke’s inimitable dancing and an ill-advised ponytail that he’s currently sporting. Now that’s value for money.

    At Ease has the set list from the event, which you can check out after the video below. 

    01 Bloom

    02 15 Step

    03 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

    04 Morning Mr Magpie

    05 Staircase

    06 The Gloaming

    07 Pyramid Song

    08 The Daily Mail

    09 Myxomatosis

    10 Karma Police

    11 Identikit

    12 Lotus Flower

    13 There There

    14 Bodysnatchers

    15 Idioteque


    16 Lucky

    17 Reckoner

    18 After The Gold Rush/Everything In Its Right Place


    19 Give Up The Ghost

    20 Paranoid Android