Watch R. Kelly Duet With Phoenix At Coachella 2013 (Video)

    Phoenix, R. Kelly, Coachella. Which of these things does not belong?

    Trick question! On Saturday, the French rockers proved they got some swag (of the mid-90s variety) by inviting R&B provocateur R. Kelly on stage for a pretty nasty (in a good way) duet.

    R. Kelly appeared in good form–that is, still relevant–belting out the opening line to 1994’s “Bump n’ Grind (you know, the comically ironic one about how his mind’s telling him ‘no’ but his body’s saying ‘go for it, guy; what’s the worst that could happen?’) before seguing into a medley of “Ignition,” “1901” and “I’m a Flirt” with Phoenix frontman Thomas Mars.

    Watch the fan-made video below or stream an audio rip of the performance here.

    [Pigeons and Planes]