Watch PSY’s New JILLSTUARTNEWYORK “Gangnam Style” Dressy Classy Video

    PSY’s been describing his international hit song “Gangnam Style” as being able to “Dressy classy, dance cheesy.”  In the world of classy, you can’t get any classier than Jill Stuart and her brand. And in the world of dancing cheesy, you can’t get any cheesier than PSY’s invisible horse riding dance for “Gangnam Style.”

    In this collaboration video with JILLSTUARTNEWYORK and PSY, the Gangnam-style Korean pop star displays what an American version of “Gangnam” may be like. You get to see the Gangnam-native wine and dine with New York’s elite. The fancy outfits, venue, people and PSY strutting down the cat work are something to behold. But of course, this wouldn’t be a PSY video unless you’ve got people doing that “horsey dance.” And in end, of course the “dressy classy, dance cheesy” master does this thing. There’s a reason the original music video has now hit over 300,000,000 million views on YouTube.

    Can you picture yourself being able to dressy as classy and dance as cheesy as PSY? Watch the new video below: