Watch PSY Perform W MC Hammer On New Year’s Eve In Times Square

    Just in case you missed it, the year actually ended a “Gangnam Style” way. With having been one of the biggest viral sensations to have ever come out of the internet, South Korea’s PSY once again performed his hit “Gangnam Style” for possibly the biggest audience he can perform it to. During this years’ New Year’s Eve ball drop in Time Square, PSY hit up the freezing cold stage in an extravagant almost all white outfit with a fur fest and the whole nine yards. Joining him were some of the music video’s stars such as Roh Hong-cheol and Yoo Jae Suk. And just like the American Music Awards performance that he had, legendary rapper MC Hammer once again joined him for the horsey-dancing frenzy.

    So without further ado, watch his performance below. It just may be his last performance of “Gangnam Style” as PSY has stated he will be working on some brand new music for the American audiences