Watch PSY’s Electrifying Performance Of “Gangnam Style” Live At Kyonggi Univeristy In Seoul

    In a recent interview with Billboard, PSY stated:

    “I’m singer and I’m composer and I wrote all the songs. And like later in the near future I would like to produce my concert in the United States. I have a huge concert in Korea and I did a lot of crazy performances so I want to show the U.S. about my concert.”

    And if one were curious as to what his live show is like and also wonder just how big he is in South Korea – then watch the video below. Just uploaded to his YouTube channel is a concert performance of him at Kyonggi University in Seoul. And unlike the American audience, the 13,000+ enrolled students actually know the lyrics and how to sing along. Hearing them all sing along in unison and then erupt when the verse begins is absolutely electrifying.

    Watch the madness below:


    Watch the interview with Billboard below: