Watch PSY Give Britney Spears A “Gangnam Style” Dance Lesson On Ellen

    Yesterday on the Ellen show, she told her guests Britney Spears and Simon Cowell that she’s been learning this new dance, “Gangnam Style.” Cowell said that “It’s brilliant” whereas Spears was much more than familiar as she has tweeted about the song in the past:

    Well, her wish came true yesterday. Ellen called out PSY during the show and Spears erupted with excitement. 

    As Spears and Ellen went down to the floor for the lesson, Spears asked PSY if she should take off her shoes (that looked like they around three to four inch heels on them). He said no and then gave them a piece of advice as to what their mindset should be when doing the dance:  “Dress classy, dance cheesy”

    Was that a shot at Spears’ heels and outfit?

    Unfortunately, Cowell didn’t join in the dance lesson.

    Check out the hilarity below and the pop princess seemingly struggling with the dance steps.

    [Manila Bulletin]